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    Top 3 Manchester Restaurants

    Top 3 Manchester Restaurants

    August 27, 2015 12:17 pmComments are Disabled

    Escorts in Manchester have fine taste and If you’re looking to spend a great night in Manchester with one of the many stunning Manchester Escorts, then this list of the best restaurants in Manchester is sure to be a boon to you. You should of course take into consideration that this is based entirely on my own experiences and so it’s all from my own opinion, but the restaurants I will be listing have a great deal of variety and so it’s definitely worth checking any of them out.


    This Brazilian themed restaurant is always an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good meal at a reasonable price, at just £20 for an all you can eat buffet you really can’t go wrong. It’s not just the price that this place can brag about, they serve excellent food and the honey glazed pork belly is to die for. Along with the near perfect meats available you can also try out some of the food from their impressive salad bar which is sure to make getting your five-a-day a little less tedious. The staff are really friendly and you can be guaranteed excellent service in this ambient and romantic restaurant.

    Click Here to view Fazenda’s menu!

    Food from Fazenda


    Saray is a fantastic Turkish restaurant that is sure to leave no one disappointed, their staff are friendly and welcoming and you can be sure of outstanding service from the moment you walk through the door. Boasting sizeable portions and out of this world seafood this restaurant is a choice you definitely won’t regret and with the immersive, calm and relaxed atmosphere I’m sure that the escorts Manchester have to offer will love it too.

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    Food from Saray Cafe Bar

    Le Delicatezze Di Bruno

    For a more simplistic and casual evening, Le Delicatezze Di Bruno could be the perfect place for you, the owner, Bruno, is always very friendly and welcoming and this just adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the place, making it a great place to get talking. The food is very affordable and well worth the money as they serve some of the best pizza in Manchester as well as some excellent cheesecakes from the dessert menu.

    Click Here To view Le Delicatezze Di Bruno’s Menu!

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    Le Delicatezz di Bruno Pizza Pizza from Le Delicatezz di Bruno

    Escorts in Manchester Love Fine Dining!

    Throughout this blog I aimed to give the reader a taste of what Manchester has to offer in terms of cuisine and fine dining. One thing to bare in mind however is that this is just a small sample of Manchester’s eateries and to fully explore your pallet I’d definitely suggest reading reviews and making preparations with your escort in Manchester to ensure that you choose the perfect place to eat.

    To learn more about places to eat in Manchester try checking out the following sites:

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